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Curious about Assivo services or have questions about our company before getting started? Explore the most frequently asked questions from our prospective clients.

We also provide custom proposals and consultations to address every potential client’s specific business goals and questions. Please feel free to reach out to us directly for any additional clarification or support.


Assivo prides itself on being a flexible partner to our clients. We offer a variety of contract types, but the most commonly selected options are month-to-month, 6 month, and annual contracts. Longer contract terms can benefit from discounted rates, but there is no pressure or obligation to opt in. We are happy to start off our relationships with complimentary pilots or trials or with month-to-month arrangements.

Assivo services are offered on an independent contractor basis, and invoices for services are provided. Form W-9s can be provided upon request. No Form W-2 relationship or employee relationship exists between Assivo and our clients. Additionally, Assivo’s management team directs the human resources aspects of our staffing model and teams including recruiting, turnover, hiring, and retraining. This allows our clients to focus on managing their core business objectives.

Assivo prides itself in getting projects up and running accurately and efficiently. We can often staff smaller teams (2-8 people) within 1-2 weeks for basic work processes that require minimal training. Medium-size and larger teams can often take a few more weeks to recruit, train, and assemble. More complex processes regularly include a 1-3 week training period where we work with you to learn your processes and train our team appropriately.

Assivo’s US-based headquarters in Chicago keeps normal business hours of 9am-6pm CT. Assivo’s India-based Operations Centers provide 24x7x365 staffing and support for our clients’ projects.

Preparation & Getting Started

Absolutely. Most of our relationships start off a brief pilot or trial. Depending on the complexity and size of the engagement, this can last between one week to several months. We want our clients to be fully satisfied and confident in our abilities and performance before we sign a contract or collect payment.

Assivo training kicks off with a call in which the client details their needs and requirements. From there, we develop a training program together that generally encompasses written documentation and a series of training sessions for our staff. The more complex the process, the more involved training is and the longer it takes. We use a train-the-trainer methodology. This way, clients share their knowledge with Assivo just once, and then your dedicated project manager becomes responsible for training and managing the outsourced team.

Assivo project management may make recommendations on effective technology for specific use cases and engagements. However, we typically integrate with our clients’ entire existing technology stack and perform our work within their infrastructure. We generally prefer to work in cloud-based environments, but we have also done many engagements utilizing on-premise and server-hosted software.


On average, Assivo clients can expect to save between 40-80% of their fully-loaded operating costs when they outsource an existing US-based function to Assivo. This is a wide range and depends primarily on the function being outsourced and the geographic US region where the employees are currently located.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions for us.

India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, ranking third behind the US and the UK. English is spoken by a large majority of Indians and is a common language used in official business and government documents.

At Assivo, we ask all of our applicants to go through an English proficiency and grammar test that they must pass to move forward. As a result of this screening, all of our associates have excellent English reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.

Assivo works with clients to develop expectations for productivity and performance during the early days of our relationships. We strive to set a preliminary baseline during our initial discussions, and a more firm baseline during our first full month of working together. Clients have the flexibility to select the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business and the specific engagement. Assivo staff then provides daily reports on team’s performance based on your KPIs.

Assivo is headquartered in Chicago, and you will be contracting with our US corporation. We onboard customers from Chicago, learning their requirements and crafting a detailed proposal. Our US-based team is also closely involved in the initial training and ramp up period of all new accounts. Day-to-day performance management of your team is handled by a project manager in India once the engagement is up and running, but you are always welcome to schedule calls during business hours with our Chicago team.

Security & Confidentiality

Assivo has confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements with all of our employees. Additionally, a number of our clients select to sign Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements with us, and we protect and respect their confidentiality requirements.

Please review our Information & Data Security policy at

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