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Loan Processing

Loan processing can be considered the cornerstone of the mortgage process. All of the build up to the decision to make a purchase or pursue a loan comes down to whether the individual(s) actually qualify for what they request. But this critical phase can be cumbersome to mortgage brokerages faced with huge amounts of paperwork and the need to scale their business.

Bringing together the numerous client paperwork contributions and submitting them for loan processing can be tedious work. Combing through photo copies, web forms, and emails for the details needed to perform and submit income, credit, and asset review, or even validate disclosures, can use up internal resources. With staff pressed for time and focused on growth, attention to detail can lapse, and so can deadlines.

Loan processing requires focus, accuracy, and punctuality. Submissions need to be cross checked for correctness and coordinated to keep the review and approvals process on track. Missed or wrong paperwork can be the difference in someone buying a home.

Assivo loan processing teams are dedicated to accurate and timely support throughout the mortgage approval process. Our specialists hone in on the smallest details and make sure that everything is on place and on time.

Loan processing can consume valuable time in follow ups, review, submissions, and even resubmissions. Customers ask for status updates, banks require extra copies or more information, and mortgage brokers want to focus on expanding business or juggling multiple client requests at the same time. Assivo loan processing teams remove the need for in-house teams to chase down paperwork or compile submissions. Our experts follow clearly outlined requirements to support every client’s loan processing needs.

The result?

Mortgage brokers allocate time to relationship and revenue-generating duties with confidence that their outsourced mortgage origination services will effectively support loan processing tasks.

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