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Property Listing Creation

Core to a real estate agency’s momentum with their book of business is their ability to publicize their available listings with speed and accuracy. In a very competitive market showing more growth than ever before, agents must generate compelling listings that demonstrate immediate value and create a sense of urgency for potential buyers.

Acquiring a listing is only part of the battle. Agents must create and maintain property listings for every contract and ensure that details are updated as specifications change. Taking the details about a property and populating listings with correct information, corresponding photos, and compelling details is time consuming and can have high turn over with listings coming on and off the market with speed.

The demand for better, more credible, and up-to-date property listings is also on the rise. Home buyers are empowered with Internet resources that help them crosscheck property and community details. The expectation is that every listing will present a property realistically and relatability. Agents must provide home buyers with sufficient property details to help them make an informed decision before buying a property.

Assivo creates and maintains property listings that propel real estate agents and agencies with indexed, accurate content.

Our precise research and data experts prepare property listings accurately and in the most efficient manner. From adding property details to uploading images, we will help clients build a database of property listings that boost real estate sales.

The result?

Clients promote properties knowing that every available listing is accounted for and updated for quick sell through and exposure.

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