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Research & Collect Public Financial Data

Maintaining internal financial data is one matter; using publicly available financial data about the market and competitors can take a business to a new level. Surprisingly, many details can be found online and in other public resources that shed light on an industry and help entrepreneurs make critical decisions.

Gathering public financial data for a business takes time and manpower. But it is a necessity especially for companies planning to build new products and services. Finding reliable sources is not always easy, and it is important to compare information to make sure that details are not conflicting or misdirecting. These efforts can be incredibly time consuming and tedious. While businesses can choose to use in-house personnel or temporary staff to supplement their research, outsourcing to research and data experts is a more timely and cost effective option.

Assivo assesses business goals and then researches and collects public financial data in formats that are easy for clients to report on.

Our team of professional researchers collates various financial data sets from public sources that clients can use to make business decisions. Content is presented in formats that meet existing data requirements or entered into a customer’s system of record. We scale teams based on the urgency and volume clients indicate and can adjust resources as needs shift.

The result?

Clients make informed decisions with a cross section of industry data that helps them focus on opportunities for growth.

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