8 Ways to Mitigate Attrition in Business Process Outsourcing

Attrition is probably one of the biggest challenges most business process outsourcing (BPO) companies face. Annually, BPO companies look into their numbers including their attrition rate to understand how they are performing not just as a business entity but also as an employer. In fact, according to a survey on call center turnover rate worldwide, it was found that in the US alone, the turnover and attrition rate was at 46%. A high attrition rate can be caused by various reasons and can be involuntary or voluntary. But in one way or another, a company has to do something to reduce the rate of attrition.

To help with this, here are eight helpful tips on how you can improve your attrition rate in a BPO setup.

1. Streamline your recruitment and hiring process

One of the most important aspects of reducing your attrition rate is the hiring process. It’s important for companies to carefully screen their candidates and find the right employee for the job. Employing someone who is not the right match for the position can only lead to dissatisfaction for both the employee and the employer. This can lead to the employee’s resignation or the employer making the decision to find a more suitable person for the job.

2. Improve your training programs

Apart from your recruitment process, you should also look into how you train your employees, especially your new hires. Your goal for training people is to improve their knowledge of the products or services that you offer and be able to comply with your expectations. Streamline your training programs to prepare employees to do their jobs efficiently and confidently with clear processes and goals in place.

3. Reward and recognize exceptional work

Another important factor of to reducing turnover is acknowledging achievements and contributions. Many employees find it motivating to know that every time they deliver quality work, they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. More than just gamification, rewards and recognitions help give employees a clearer direction, knowing that if they consistently deliver, they will be rewarded by the company.

4. Focus performance monitoring efforts on customer satisfaction

Consider the metrics you are setting for your agents when you plan performance monitoring. For a contact center, a typical set of metrics include average handling time and calls per hour. But to cultivate a more customer-centric approach for each of your agents, put your customer’s satisfaction as the priority metric. This allows your agents to build a more personalized connection with their callers and provide them with a more satisfying solution. With customer satisfaction as the top priority, your agents’ stress levels can be significantly reduced as they won’t have to worry about any other metrics apart from fulfilling customer needs.

5. Set up clear communication channels

Each of your team members plays an important role in the company. For them to know that their work, ideas, and opinions matter, provide clear communication channels. Anytime they have issues, concerns, or ideas they would like to share with management, they know how to do so. Involving your team in your company’s decision making and providing them the opportunity to speak up about important business matters will help them feel that they are valued.

6. Provide coaching and skills development opportunities

Every employee wants an opportunity to improve and grow professionally. To help boost your team’s confidence, establish coaching and training sessions. Providing your team with the option to develop their skills can help boost your employees’ satisfaction levels and keep them in the company longer. At the same time, coaching sessions can also boost their effectiveness at work. Knowing that they have coaching resources to rely on for support and guidance, they will feel more at ease with their work.

7. Establish a path for career growth

Career growth is another important factor toward boosting employee satisfaction. Offer in-house promotion opportunities to employees who deliver quality work consistently. Room for growth can encourage employees to be more invested in their work and in your company.

8. Provide conducive work tools and environment

Your employees’ work environment and equipment also play an important role when it comes to reducing attrition. With a favorable work environment, your team will feel more valued and comfortable while doing their work. At the same time, the quality of their work tools can improve their efficiency and productivity. With better software and set ups, they can do their job well and remove the frustration of faulty, slow, or uncomfortable equipment.

Employee satisfaction matters. More than just providing your employees with a job opportunity, you should give priority to their holistic development. As humans, we all have personal goals and ideals. As an employer, it’s important that you provide your employees with the opportunity to achieve some of those ideals, especially when it comes to their work.

Here at Assivo, we provide every team member with all the tools, knowledge, training, and support they need to be committed to delivering quality work. We value our team’s growth and give them clear communication channels and opportunities for career advancement. Their quality work is always rewarded, and their great ideas are always entertained and valued.

We believe that with better employee satisfaction, attrition rate can be mitigated. If you want to learn more about how we celebrate each of our team’s individualities, culture, success, and growth, contact us at Assivo.

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