Sales and Recruiting Support for Boutique Technical Recruitment Firm

Supporting recruitment professionals with finding candidates, clients, and other administrative work. Technical/IT-focused recruitment firm with 20+ in-house recruiters.

The Challenge

Maximizing Top Talent to Recruit Top Talent

A boutique recruitment firm focused on staffing technical, development, and IT talent for a wide range of companies across the U.S. encountered a resource issue of its own. The client conducted several hundred searches and placements on an annual basis with a team of 20+ in-house recruiters. However, the client’s CEO was concerned that the recruitment staff spent far too much time on inefficient tasks that did not reflect their core value to the business.

The client’s recruiting staff researched candidates, curated resumes and candidate profiles, and assembled hiring manager lists for new business development. These undertakings were time consuming and detracting from time that could have been spent on activities that impacted their bottom line. The client’s CEO wanted the recruiters to focus entirely on developing relationships with new customers and candidates and on effectively filling open job requisitions. In the past, the client had hired research assistants to assist with this work, but they had challenges with morale, turnover, consistency, and reliability of the work output.

The Solution

Integrated Assivo Support Staff to Realign Recruiter Resources

Assivo staffed a team of 4 full-time research associates who integrated into the client’s recruitment team. The Assivo team of research associates found appropriate profiles and candidates for various job requisitions, assembled contact lists for business development, and collected data at the request of recruitment staff. Assivo’s team also assembled candidate profiles and reformatted candidate resumes before they went to hiring managers to create the right first impression.

The Result

More Time for Managing Recruitment Relationships

The Assivo team took the busy work out of the equation for the client’s recruiters, enabling them to purely focus on cultivating top talent relationships and filling requisitions. Having the Assivo team available to support shifting needs gave them an agile partnership for completing tasks to fulfill existing projects and build new business.

The client increased its overall productivity by 40% after onboarding the Assivo staff. Their search and placement volume rose drastically during over the course of a single year. The client was able to increase overall production with the same team of recruiters and minimal additional overhead from Assivo’s services.

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