Benefits of Content Moderation and Why You Should Outsource It

In digital marketing, content is the most valuable tool. The quality of the content on your website and your other marketing platforms can make or break your brand. This is why it is important for businesses to maintain high standards in their content including content that is user generated. This is where content moderation comes in.

Why is Content Moderation Important?

Content moderation is the process of monitoring and organizing user-generated content to ensure that rules and guidelines for content submission are followed. A content moderator’s job is to filter through the hundreds and thousands of regular user content submissions on an online platform. These online platforms can be forums, review websites, comment sections of social media pages or blogs, and other spaces where individuals interact with your brand. Content moderation is important for a number of reasons:

1. Protect your brand and reputation

You can’t always guarantee that the user-generated content submitted on your platform will adhere to your standards and community guidelines. With the help of content moderators, your website, forum, or social media account is protected even if users input undesirable content. Content moderators can also help you maintain a good reputation by keeping your customers happy through positive engagements across all your content platforms.

2. Improve your site traffic and search engine rankings

The content uploaded by your users serves more than just one purpose. It also helps improve your organic search engine ranking. With higher-quality content, you can gain a better presence online. This extends to user-generated content as more people are directed to your content and your website traffic increases.

3. Help you gain insights about your users

Another benefit of having content moderators is that you have the opportunity to understand your community better. Content moderators can go through your user-generated content to learn how they are responding toward your products or services. Companies can make use of these sentiments to come up with offers that align with their brand and cater to customer interests. Through content moderation, a company can maximize the use of their user-generated content from more than just marketing but also for product design and roadmap ideas.

4. Protect your community from spam, trolls, and explicit content

Your online community deserves a safe platform where users can express their opinions about matters concerning your brand. Content moderation is essential to make sure that your platform is free from offensive or abusive content. With help from moderators, unwanted content can be filtered, and your users can consider your platform reputable.

5. Scale your marketing campaigns rapidly

User-generated content boosts a company’s online marketing campaigns more efficiently. With more user-generated content available on your community platform, the bigger are your chances to be found online. Take online review websites, for example. These platforms allow brands to attract more customers without pushing out marketing content. With the help of content moderators, these reviews can boost your website’s chance of being found via search engines. As more user-generated content is submitted, they get to rank higher on search result pages.

Why Outsource Your Content Moderation?

If you ever find that your company is in need of professional content moderation, outsourcing is often the best option. These efforts can be time consuming for in-house staff to manage and can require project management and efficient approaches to monitor across platforms. Outsourcing to a provider familiar with developing and implementing content moderation guidelines is also beneficial because it allows you to:

1. Work with a team of expert content moderators

By outsourcing your content moderation needs, you can expect the assistance of experienced moderators. You can rely on an outsourcing company to have a roster of professional moderators who can provide you with the support needed for your business. All you have to do is explain our concerns and standards to your outsourcing partner, and they will implement teams to manage them.

2. Have a more cost-efficient setup as opposed to hiring in-house

Another great thing about outsourcing content moderation is that you won’t have to spend money on tools, hiring, or training a content moderation team. By working with an outsourcing company, you can save on operational costs. You only need to pay for an agreed-upon amount and let your partner company handle the rest of the work for you.

3. Partner with a company with the necessary tools and knowledge ready

Outsourcing companies see to it that they already have all the tools, processes, and manpower available before they start offering a business solution. This is one of the beauties of outsourcing content moderation. Once you start working with an outsourcing company, you get to save time and resources, and avoid the hassle of setting up a new office, then hire and train a new team to handle your content moderation tasks.

4. Be free from the responsibility of hiring and training new content moderators

It’s not always easy to find the right people to work with, especially if you need them up and running quickly. Forming a team of professional moderators will take a lot of time from hiring and training to performance feedback and monitoring. Working with an outsourcing partner allows companies to offset the time and responsibility required for team management. This way, you can focus on the core functions in your business.

As more and more businesses are finding the need to build a reputable presence online, the demand for content moderation is also on the rise. And if you are among the businesses who are looking for the right outsourcing company to partner with for your content moderation needs, contact us at Assivo. We are ready to answer all of your questions about our content moderation services, and we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals through our top-notch business solutions.

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