Reliable & Scalable Outsourced Mortgage Processing Support with Assivo

A dedicated outsourced mortgage support team you can count on to streamline loan application processing, improve your cost per loan, and enhance the borrower experience for better loyalty and retention.

Client Retention Rate

We have a 3-year client retention rate of over 90%. Additionally, over 87% of our clients expand their relationship with Assivo into multiple functional areas after successfully outsourcing their first process to us.

Average Operating Cost Savings

Our client companies achieve an average cost savings of 40–60% as compared to their in-house operating costs. We convert our clients’ fixed costs into variable costs. We also reduce their recruiting, training, and retention issues.

Accuracy & High Reliability

Our team has delivered 99.95% accuracy to our clients and continues to do so on an ongoing basis. Our operations are built to maximize accuracy, while maintaining industry-leading uptime. Our clients rely on Assivo to work on their most mission-critical processes.

How We Can Help

We offer custom-tailored mortgage support at every stage of the loan lifecycle, including:

Application Processing

  • Loan Registration
  • Loan Setup
  • Initial Disclosures
  • Re-Disclosures
  • AUS Submission
  • Client Welcome Package

Loan Processing

  • Income Review
  • Credit Review
  • Asset Review
  • Validation of Disclosures
  • All Third Party Orders


  • Income Calculation: All types
  • Asset Verification
  • Insurance Review
  • Title Review
  • Appraisal Review
  • Credit Review (DTI)

Pre-Closing & Closing

  • Full Pre-Closing Review
  • Closing Disclosure Preparation
  • Escrow Review & Setup
  • Closing Document Preparation

Post Closing

  • MERS Registration
  • Full Post Closing File Review
  • Post Closing Delivery
  • Purchase Advice Processing

QC / Compliance

  • HMDA Review
  • Mavent Review
  • Post Consummation CD

Title Processing

  • Abstract Review
  • Closing Protection Letters
  • Tax Certification Review
  • Title Preparation

See What Our Clients Have to Say

“Outsourcing allows our company to focus on the important aspects of business while increasing productivity and resolving challenging staff fluctuations.”


Chief Operating Officer

Mid-Sized Morgage Lender, West Coast

“The big banks have been outsourcing for decades, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging for independent mortgage banks like us to keep up. Assivo gave us an edge and materially improved our margins while reducing a lot of human resources headaches in the process.”


Founder & CEO

Independent Mortgage Bank

“Unlike our peers, we did not have to struggle through the ups and downs of the cycle nearly as much.  Our arrangement with Assivo allowed us to have full flexibility and our team managed to smoothly align our operational capacity with our volumes.“


Chief Financial Officer

Mid-Size Mortgage Lender, East Coast

The Benefits of Outsourcing Mortgage Processing Support

By partnering with Assivo, you can optimize your labor stack and address complex domestic labor issues like:

Rising Labor Costs

Reducing your reliance on expensive in-house staff wages, benefits, office space, training, and dedicated software tools to handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks that drag on your profitability.

Smaller Pool of Qualified Talent

Gaining access to a global and diverse talent pool so there’s always a skilled workforce ready to integrate into your operations.

Costly Employee Turnover

Accessing consistent and reliable support from a dedicated team of mortgage specialists to mitigate business continuity risks and operational bottlenecks.

Difficulties Scaling

Quickly onboarding new associates to handle surges in mortgage applications with ease and work around the clock to process loans so you can take advantage of all the new business coming your way.

Push for Better Work-Life Balance

Streamlining in-house employees’ responsibilities so they only focus on the critical and strategic tasks that require their unique expertise while your outsourced team handles the high-volume, tedious, and repetitive work.

Optimize Your Labor Stack with  

Pay the right wage rate for the right work. Unburden your in-house teams and elevate them to take higher levels of responsibility.

Client’s Onshore Team

USA Flag


Performing Highest Value Work


Activities Matching Employee’s Effective Wage Rate

Critical Thinking
Relationship Management

Assivo Offshore Team

India Flag


Performing Highest Volume Work


High Volume Tasks That Can Be Summarized into SOPs & Checklists

Training Documents

How to work with




Share your unique challenges and work requirements, and we’ll create a custom proposal just for you.



Start with a pilot program to see your workflow in action, and we’ll discuss your feedback along the way.



Go live with a fully trained team of outstanding Assivo staff. Your dedicated team will be overseen by a capable project manager to ensure your needs are met.


Manage & Scale

Provide feedback and growth metrics, and we’ll manage your team’s productivity, work output quality, and size.




Agility & Speed

Fastest Onboarding in the Industry

We move fast and have the ability to ramp up small teams in 1–2 weeks and larger scale outsourcing initiatives in 3–6 weeks. We respond rapidly to all client requests and needs.



We believe in providing extraordinary expertise and reliability at an ordinary cost to our clients. Our pricing is transparent, predictable, and highly competitive.


Flexible & Customized

We build every outsourcing solution from scratch and have the ability to handle complex and customized needs.

High Standards

High Standards

Our quality assurance framework and our project management expertise allow us to deliver remarkable outcomes for our clients.


Scale Seamlessly

As your business grows, we will support you at each step of the way and scale our teams seamlessly to meet higher demands. We also offer discounted scale pricing for high volume requirements.

Knowledge & Expertise

Knowledge & Expertise

Given our deep body of experience, we’ve likely seen situations like yours in the past and can pattern match quickly to arrive at the best commercial outcomes.

Software Fluency

Software Fluency

We have expertise and experience using 300+ of the most common software tools, and we also have in-house automation capabilities to tackle the most challenging scale problems.

Long-Term Reliability

Long-Term Reliability

Most of our client relationships are multi-year endeavors, and we aim to be reliable, transparent, and thoughtful throughout the course of our partnerships. We earn our business every single day through good work and professional conduct.