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Outsourced Research & Data Collection

We combine the top 1% of global talent with bulletproof processes that have been refined and perfected through serving 200+ clients.

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Make Data Your Most Valuable Asset

Accomplish More with Less Headcount

Partner with the experts who will tap into multiple sources of data and extract the relevant information you need to reach your objectives.

Difficult to Access Relevant Data

With more data available than ever before today, it would seem like businesses could easily access the data they need to make crucial business decisions, when they need it. But this data is stored across multiple platforms, siloed in different databases, and spanning various public and private sources; often making it difficult for business leaders to access relevant data in the first place, nonetheless gather valuable insights from it.

Spending Hours Only to Come Up Empty-Handed

For inexperienced teams, data collection and research can be a massive drain on your resources. Your employees might end up spending hours sorting through spreadsheets or wrestling through different databases, just to come up empty-handed.


Gain Access to Accurate & Valuable Insights

Outsourcing your research and data collection tasks to an expert team like Assivo means you can gain access to precise, accurate, and valuable insights without causing a headache for your internal team. Tracking down an important piece of information or a missing data point that your business needs shouldn’t be rocket science. Our team of experts utilize proven methods and tools to uncover data no matter where it’s stored online, helping you turn data into your most powerful asset.

Capture The Most Valuable Data

We enrich data from any source and work closely with you from the outset to define input sources.

Quality & Accuracy at Scale

Our proven QA processes are accurate, flexible & able to adapt to your evolving needs as you scale.

CRM & Database Agnostic

We are fluent in major CRM software & databases to ensure you are covered regardless of your tech stack.

Cleanse, Standardize & Deduplicate Data

Enjoy clean, consistent, & accurate data through standardized data formats & rulesets.

Low Cost & High Value

Our tech & human-powered solutions are superior & customized, and our prices & value are proven quickly.

Mine Data From Any Source

Capture data from the public web, internal or operational documents, premium data sources, and more. Set up complex multi-step workflows to access multiple sources to achieve optimal data quality results.

Proven Success from Assivo Customers

Research & Data Collection Success Stories


A publicly-traded eCommerce marketplace specializing in industrial equipment, excess inventory, and other large-ticket B2B transactions experienced success and steady volumes. However, with this accomplishment, and the over $200 million of annual revenue that came with it, the client also faced a bottleneck.


The client engaged Assivo to help solve their prospecting problem. Assivo determined that allocating resources to research and identify potential buyers would save the client considerable time and money in the presale process. Assivo staffed a team of 8 full-time associates who solely focused on assembling large lists of potential buyers for equipment and inventory.


Assivo’s team put together lists of 100-200 relevant contacts for each listing, saving the brokerage team the work of research and data collection. The client started to close more deals and reduced the time that listings sat on the market. Assivo staff allowed the client’s internal team to focus their efforts where it mattered most: demonstrating value and moving inventory.


A fast growing, venture capital-backed aggregator of rental apartment listings employed an in-house team of individuals to scour the Internet in search of apartment listings from local and smaller landlords. With over 4 million apartments listed on its platform, the client’s team had to do a lot of heavy lifting.


The client needed to keep high-value listings flowing to its platform with speed and accuracy, as they were often the only aggregator that found them. They turned to Assivo for a plan to make their processes more reliable, seamless, and results oriented.


Assivo’s team of 5 full-time associates produced over 10,000 listings each month with reliable information and accurate results. Assivo project management also documented training material to replace manual, in-person, live knowledge transfer. The client continued to develop a strong relationship of trust with Assivo.

We Are CRM Experts

We are CRM agnostic and have worked with clients that utilize 30+ different CRM systems over the years.

How to work with


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Start with a pilot program to see your workflow in action, and we’ll discuss your feedback along the way.



Go live with a fully trained team of outstanding Assivo staff. Your dedicated team will be overseen by a capable project manager to ensure your needs are met.


Manage & Scale

Provide feedback and growth metrics, and we’ll manage your team’s productivity, work output quality, and size.




Agility & Speed

We move fast and have the ability to ramp up small teams in 1-2 weeks and larger scale outsourcing initiatives in 3-6 weeks. We respond rapidly to all client requests and needs.


We believe in providing extraordinary expertise and reliability at an ordinary cost to our clients. Our pricing is transparent, predictable, and highly competitive.


We offer flexible month-to-month contract terms with no lock-ins. Our clients have full flexibility to scale their teams up and down with short notice.

High Standards

Our quality assurance framework and our project management expertise allow us to deliver remarkable outcomes for our clients.


We are transparent partners who always tell it how it is. We believe in simplicity and predictability, and we always stick to our word.

Knowledge & Expertise

Through serving 200+ clients over the past 6 years, we have developed substantial knowledge and expertise in all of our core service areas, and we bring this to bear for our clients each day.

Software Fluency

We have expertise and experience using 300+ of the most common software tools, and we also have in-house automation capabilities to tackle the most challenging scale problems.

Long-Term Reliability

Most of our client relationships are multi-year endeavors, and we aim to be reliable, transparent, and thoughtful throughout the course of our partnerships. We earn our business every single day through good work and professional conduct.

“Great Attention to Detail and Quality”

Assivo shares our Midwestern heritage and they are hard working, honest, and straightforward to deal with. These foundational values allowed us to start off our relationship small and scale it significantly as our business grew. Our database of rental listings is a critical part of our operation, and they managed it with great attention to detail and quality. While they were in the background of our business, they had a strong impact on our brand and our customer satisfaction, and we are thankful for our partnership with them.

Alec Slocum
Co-Founder & CEO

“Capabilities & Accuracy Exceeded Any Other Vendor”

The problem solving ability, the intellect, and the experience of our Assivo team allowed us to develop and maintain our data in Salesforce in a way that was foundational to our marketing and sales effectiveness. Assivo’s research capabilities and data accuracy far exceeded any other vendor that we have worked with, and allowed us to run some of the most innovative and profitable marketing campaigns and sales outreach that exist in our industry.

Fred Waugh
Chief Marketing Officer

“Incredibly Responsive & Provided Detailed Reporting”

Our team at Assivo resolved many bottlenecks for us in our early days related to our customer onboarding process. Over time, they seamlessly scaled with us as our business grew and we expanded the relationship into compliance and financial reporting functions as well. They are incredibly responsive, provide detailed reporting, and they ramp up and scale their teams quickly. We evaluated many outsourcing partners through an RFP process, and Assivo came out on top and proved themselves out quickly as the right choice for Guideline.

Kevin Busque
Kevin Busque
CEO & Co-Founder

“Thorough, Professional, & Responsive”

Assivo was the strongest cultural fit for our firm of the outsourcing firms we evaluated. They move fast, are thorough, professional, and responsive. They allowed us to recruit high caliber young professionals to our firm, and enable them to excel by taking a lot of rote work off their plate. Our team’s overall performance and productivity both increased materially due to engaging Assivo and we could not be happier with our partnership.

Chris Rohrer
Chris Rohrer

“Fast, Efficient, Flexible, & Scalable”

We tested 12 data processing and data collection vendors, and Assivo came out on top in our RFP process. The relationship proved itself out fast, and we found the team to be equivocally excellent in service quality vs. the other vendors we tested.

They are fast, efficient, flexible, and scalable — our 4 key goals for an outsourcing relationship. Over time, Assivo has moved from being a vendor to a highly strategic partner on all topics related to data processing and data collection.

Andrew Brackin
Andrew Brackin
Co-Founder & COO

“They Delivered On Time & On Budget”

Hanes Supply found Assivo to be technically competent, competitively priced, and a valuable advisor to us as we built out our e-commerce capabilities. Data is core to our e-commerce strategy, and they plugged into various parts of our business — from product data catalog management to competitive pricing intelligence. They were patient and took the time to truly understand our needs and goals, and they delivered on time and on budget, on an increasingly complex set of asks that we scoped out with them over the course of our first year of working together.

Billy Hanes
Billy Hanes
Director of E-Commerce

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