How Data Enrichment Can Turbocharge Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, data becomes more and more critical with each passing day. To come up with a more effective and modern marketing strategy, a marketer has to know who to promote a brand to, where to reach their target market, and who the competition is. This require large quantities of data about potential customers, the market and competitors. But it’s not always easy to develop or obtain the right data sets, and if you get your hands on something useful, the information is often incomplete or in need of updating. This is where data enrichment comes in. If you are thinking about improving your marketing strategy, here are some of the ways data enrichment can turbocharge your marketing campaigns.

1. Improve audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is one of the most important steps in marketing as it allows businesses to improve their targeting. It’s important that you group your customers according to a number of characteristics such as their demographic, psychographic, behavior, location, and even devices used. This allows you to personalize your marketing approach and target more customers more effectively better reactions to your interactions. To do this efficiently, you need quality data sets that provide enough background information to support segmentation and identify trends. You can then determine various segmentations to experiment with in order to improve your marketing outcomes.

2. Reach out to more customers

Another benefit of using data enrichment is that it supports efforts to grow both your audience and your market. If you are using high quality data for your marketing, you get to optimize your methods and reach out to the right people at the right time and in the right manner. Data enrichment can help boost the number of people you can reach out to and make more accurate decisions with your current data. It can be a good strategy for improving, correcting, and updating customer records so you don’t waste time marketing to invalid contacts.

3. Enhance lead scoring

Lead scoring is another integral process in improving your marketing strategy. Identifying the quality of each of your customer records is essential to saving your marketing team’s time and effort. This helps them focus more on contacting actual potential customers and not on contacts who won’t yield positive results. Data enrichment allows you to collect relevant data to streamline methods in discerning quality leads from less appropriate ones.

4. Boost customer acquisition

The quality of your customer data can also improve the way you acquire customers. With the help of data enrichment, you can use high-quality data to refine marketing efforts and entice more customers to support your brand. Whether you are sending out email invites to explore a sale, to visit your website, to follow your social media page, or to join your company’s event, these efforts can help you engage more peopl, and eventually gain potential customers.

5. Create better customer experience

One of the things that some businesses tend to neglect is customer experience. Whether your business is online or in a physical store, consistently providing a positive experience to your customers is critical. But how do you know what your customers consider a good experience? Let the data lead the way. Through data gathering and enrichment, you can better understand your customers and improve the products and services you provide, as well as your customer support methods, for a successful customer lifecycle.

6. Turbocharge your outreach personalization

Personalizing contact efforts has proven to be very effective. By personalizing audience outreach, you can increase engagement and conversions. Refining current customer data can teach you more about your customers and how to connect with them. While not every marketing campaign is a success, properly segmenting customers and personalizing methods of contacting them with accurate data will improve overall results.

7. Improve product and service concepts

Consider the products and services you are offering and compare this information with trends in your data. There will always be an opportunity for growth in your business, and by gaining rich data on your target customers, competitors, and industry, you can develop products and services that align with broader interests and needs. Many businesses are realizing that products or services that solve problems are most in demand. Why not learn more about the challenges your customers and targeted prospects are facing and use that information to come up with new offerings that address them? In this case, the right market data can help improve your conceptualization.

It’s not always easy to come up with the right marketing strategy, but by making use of customer and market data that is relevant to your business, you can accelerate your marketing approach and connect effectively with more potential customers. The goal of marketing will always be to let the right people know about your brand and gain more customers. But to start, you should first focus on the quality of the marketing data you will be using.

Want to find out if your data is of good quality? If you think you need someone to help you with your data enrichment needs, reach out to us here at Assivo. We will make it our mission to help you find the right set of high-quality data that is sure to help turbocharge your marketing strategy.

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