CRM Data Enrichment for a Hypergrowth Healthcare SaaS Company

Adding 300K+ leads and managing the CRM for a hypergrowth VC-backed healthcare SaaS company as it scaled at a rapid pace.


An innovative platform connecting patients to therapists and mental health practitioners online or in their area wanted to grow faster by expanding marketing efforts to attract more professionals to join the platform. 

The company was aiming to build up its platform to help more mental health providers streamline their practice management and more easily attract patients through their software. Slated to go through a seed round of funding, the platform knew it needed to have all systems ready to go to effectively leverage the funding for hyper-growth. 

Based on its initial testing and results, the software provider realized that targeted marketing campaigns would produce a 5x ROI, but they didn’t know how exactly to go about this on their own using their own resources. Targeted marketing efforts to reach these mental health professionals is very data-intensive and time-consuming, so how was this client able to efficiently use data to target and attract mental health providers to their platform?

Continue reading to learn how Assivo helped this client develop their own data-rich CRM for targeted marketing purposes ahead of its $8 million Series A round.

The Challenge

The field of psychology and mental health is becoming more far-reaching in our society. However, it remains largely fragmented by varying practitioner certifications, areas of specialization, techniques utilized, and more. 

As a result, creating an accurate, uniform, and comprehensive platform combining mental health professionals with a range of specialties and certifications proved challenging–nonetheless finding effective ways of targeting these professionals to join the site and become more accessible to potential patients. 

For the client’s marketing approach, they wanted to segment their potential audience to focus on targeting therapists by focus area, as well as geography–something they knew would be very data-intensive. They would customize the messaging accordingly to make it more personalized to each segment, which proved to be very effective. Specifically, more customized marketing messages on the provider’s focus area resulted in higher therapist sign-ups, conversions, and other important metrics. 

So, speaking to the audience on a more granular and personal level was effective, but getting enough data to target all mental health providers in the country was a Herculean task for their limited internal team. 

Thus, the biggest challenge our client faced in their growth strategy was building a CRM with all the data they needed to execute highly targeted and segmented campaigns. They hired a team of summer interns in-house to start building out the CRM, but they struggled with scalability and managing the necessary workforce that would be required for the job.

The Solution

The client approached Assivo a few years ago after realizing that building a custom CRM with data on all mental health providers in the country was not feasible for their team. For three years, Assivo has worked alongside the client’s internal team to create a very comprehensive database on every mental health practitioner in the country. 

There are very few aggregators or comprehensive directories out there that cover this industry, owing to the fact that it’s a very fragmented field. Each practitioner has their own specialty or area of focus, in addition to their different licenses and credentials, and targeted demographics they serve. Thus, the majority of providers have their own websites with this information and their contact details, but this makes it very time-consuming to access thousands of websites to compile all the data into a useful database. 

Our team got to work building the proprietary database for our client, which had to be done using multiple data sources. This was a very time-consuming endeavor that our team took care of, saving their team valuable time to spend on other strategic tasks. 

We created a strong proprietary methodology for finding accurate email and phone numbers for each of the therapist leads. Working diligently over the past few years, Assivo has effectively enriched the client’s CRM database with accurate and reliable data that they could leverage in their marketing campaigns.

The Result

Over our three-year engagement, the Assivo team added several hundred thousand therapists to the client’s CRM. This included comprehensive data sets including each provider’s area of specialization, their education level, credentials and licenses, and contact information. 

Gaining access to such a wealth of data, and at such a high quality, meaningfully improved the client’s marketing efforts as they went through various rounds of funding. 

Using the data from the CRM Assivo built, the client recorded email bounce rates of less than 0.2%, owing to the superior data quality. Other data providers and enrichment solutions that they had tried before had bounce rates of between 3-9%. But, Assivo showed early on during the sales process that we could achieve 3.5%, which was quickly optimized further as we got to work. 

The client was dedicated to offering a high-quality service in their industry, including their investment in a high-quality domain. Thus, maintaining their domain health with the right data provider was of the utmost importance to them. The favorable bounce rate Assivo generated supported smooth-running marketing operations and campaign efforts, which led to high yield and accuracy for the department. So even though other providers had cheaper services, the quality approach that Assivo took was a worthwhile investment for the client for the sake of their domain health. 

Engaging with Assivo prior to raising their Series A round of funding set up the infrastructure to implement targeted marketing efforts at scale to spur further growth. Having since raised Series B, Series C, and Series D rounds totaling over $208 million, the company has continued on a hyper-growth trajectory. Since initially engaging with the platform as a seed-stage company, Assivo has helped the software provider penetrate their market fast with meaningful growth and increased awareness throughout the industry. 

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