CRM Data Enrichment for a Vertical-focused SaaS Company

Cleaned, researched, and enriched 20,000+ target accounts and relevant contacts for a vertical industry focused SaaS company, accelerating their sales & marketing efforts.


A niche software provider offered vertical software solutions for the rental industry. In efforts to improve their marketing efforts to spur further growth for the business, their head of marketing realized they needed to personalize their campaigns for better engagement. 

However, running successful personalized marketing campaigns requires access to large amounts of data on potential customers, which proved to be a bigger challenge than what the company had anticipated. 

The company had deep expertise in the rental industry, though gaining access to the right data was not something their in-house team was equipped to do. 

Eventually, they were able to enrich their CRM with high-quality and reliable data, resulting in ultra-low bounce rates of 0.4% on email campaigns. 

How were they able to do so? By outsourcing their data enrichment efforts to our qualified team at Assivo. As you continue reading, we will dive deeper into the challenges this client faced in trying to do this first on their own, then discuss how we helped their marketing efforts become more effective.

The Challenge

The rental industry is very fragmented, with tens of thousands of independent businesses and operators around the country–each operating in their own niche and specific geography. 

Our client found that there were very few data providers and aggregators covering this industry. Plus, those that did exist did not do a good job and were not very thorough or accurate. 

This is because small businesses often are not covered by off-the-shelf data providers. However, nearly all businesses in this country are small businesses–a whopping 99.9%–creating a large challenge for any provider that serves these businesses. 

As a result, if any company wants to sell to small businesses, they must invest in a custom data program to have the comprehensive data they need for sales and marketing purposes. However, creating a custom CRM is time-consuming and tedious–something that many businesses do not have the capacity or expertise to do in-house. 

With this client specifically, they had an out-of-date CRM full of dirty and inaccurate data that they could not rely on. This was significantly holding back their sales and marketing efforts and was something they would need to resolve before making a big marketing push. 

Thus, the client faced two different routes for enriching their CRM: 

  1. Purchase the data
  2. Do the work manually 

Again, the data quality that did exist was poor, and not worth the investment. Plus, doing the work manually was not something they had the internal capacity for. This led the company to seek out an external partner that had data enrichment expertise and could efficiently build out their CRM to make it more useful for their marketing efforts. 

The Solution

After the company discovered Assivo, we went through a consultation process to understand their unique needs for the data and get a thorough understanding of their business and industry. 

From there, we put together a custom data enrichment program that allowed them to capture all the accounts in their rental verticals. We were able to customize each one with valuable information to help the client understand each of the small businesses better and enhance their ability to target them through their sales efforts. 

Given the fragmented nature of the industry and the lack of comprehensive directories, our team created a technique to pull information from each small business website–where most of the relevant information was stored. So rather than poring through each individual website manually, our client was able to access a proprietary and comprehensive database of potential leads through Assivo’s work.

The Result

With access to such large volumes of quality data, the client was able to run segmented campaigns that uniquely targeted small businesses based on their niche, location, and more. 

As a result, the client generated an ROI 3x what their non-segmented campaigns generated. Thus, our data enrichment efforts helped the client’s marketing efforts become more effective and profitable. 

Further, we helped the client protect their domain health through better bounce rates. Before our engagement, the client was recording bounce rates of 12%, which had the potential to harm their domain health if it persisted longer. While most data providers in the industry boast bounce rates of 3-9%, Assivo helped the client achieve a bounce rate of 0.4%, a significant improvement from where they started. 

With better domain protection, more effective marketing campaigns, and a proprietary database that the client could rely on for the foreseeable future, the engagement with Assivo proved to be an extremely worthwhile investment in the future of their business.

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