E-Commerce Product Data Entry and Enrichment for an Electrical Product Distributor

Updating, researching, enriching, cleaning, and consistently refreshing an electrical products catalog. Distributor of electrical products with 300,000+ SKUs and 900+ brands in catalog.

The Challenge

Maintaining Up-to-Date Product Offerings for Expansive Online Commerce

An electrical product distributor with a 15+ year operating history found itself in a precarious position. The client managed a product catalog comprising of 300,000+ SKUs and 900+ manufacturer brands. While known for its long and stable operating history, the company started to receive a steady influx of customer complaints regarding inaccurate product specifications.

The volume of complaints built over a period of several years as eCommerce started to drive more and more sales volume for the company. The client made a significant investment in building out its eCommerce presence in 2014, but they lacked a solid data governance program to ensure that their products were up-to-date, accurate, and presented well. This impacted the client’s ability to move product efficiently and accurately with a level of consumer trust.

The Solution

Catalogue Refresh Management by Assivo's Detail-Oriented Team

Understanding that catalogue inaccuracies were impacting both their commercial results and customer satisfaction, the client sought a relationship with an outsourcing partner who could execute a semi-annual refresh of their product catalog. Assivo spent time with the client to understand the exact state of the catalogue and the client’s vision and specifications for the compilation moving forward.

The Assivo team became well versed in the sources for the client’s manufacturer product data, reviewed the catalog, and enriched 500 SKUs as a pilot engagement. With an even greater understanding and hands-on experience, Assivo project management drafted key standards for an ongoing data governance program to keep the product catalog enriched, refreshed, and updated.

The Result

Accurate Listings Eliminate Critical Errors for eCommerce

Over the course of 6 months, Assivo’s team of 20 full-time associates updated, enriched, and cleaned the client’s entire product catalog. Outsourced data entry staff removed items that were no longer available, updated product specs and SKUs, and added over 30,000 new products to bolster the client’s eCommerce offering. With a firm foundation in an error-free catalogue, Assivo scaled the team down to 4 full-time associates dedicated to performing consistent product catalog updates throughout the year. The client was able to conduct business online and drive sales to accurate listings with confidence in their data quality based on the standards laid out from the start.

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