E-Commerce Product Data Entry and Enrichment for an Online Furniture Distributor

Distributor of mid-to-high end home furnishings. 750,000+ SKUs in catalog, distributes over 500 furniture brands.

The Challenge

Maintaining Accurate Catalogues to Support Growth

A leading online retailer of mid to high-end home and outdoor furnishings and décor encountered data entry and processing challenges that directly impacted their bottom line. As a carrier and distributor of over 500 furniture brands, they needed to consistently make updates their product catalog of over 750,000 SKUs. Offerings, features, and availability shift regularly in the furnishings industry, and the client quickly identified a need for ongoing support.

The critical nature of having a current and correct listing for all available offerings lead the client to establish in-house data entry efforts. With a team of 12 data entry and product catalog specialists on the payroll, the client hoped to have dedicated resources that primarily focused on interacting with their furniture brands, receiving relevant updates to product descriptions and data, and updating prices.

Hiring directly can benefit organizations that are able to manage and retain talent that understands their value proposition. However, the client’s in-house team was rapidly plagued with high turnover, low productivity, high absenteeism, and poor accuracy. The client found it difficult to keep employees engaged and performing at a high level due to the mundane and repetitive nature of the catalogue data entry and accuracy work.

As a result, the client continued to work with their own buyers and partners while leveraging inaccurate and outdated catalogues. This broken process negatively impacted their relationships with their furniture brands and suppressed both revenue and sales potential while incurring the additional costs of full-time data entry employees and lost ROI to turnover.

The Solution

Dedicated Assivo Data Entry Professionals

The client turned to Assivo for a solution that would improve their data quality while alleviating their staffing dilemma. Assivo took stock of the client’s immediate needs and supplemented their in-house team with 5 full-time associates based in Assivo’s India Operations Center. These team members immediately got to work during the U.S. overnight shift to start off the Assivo-client relationship.

The Result

Reliable Data Processing Leads to Expanded Business

Assivo’s team of 5 full-time associates updated approximately 10,000 SKUs per month, a level of output similar to the client’s in-house team of 12 employees. Over the course of the first month, the client determined that Assivo’s outsourced team produced more accurate, reliable, and consistent output when compared to their in-house resources.

The client eventually expanded its relationship with Assivo to 15 full-time associates and retained 2 of their own high performing in-house employees to oversee and interface with the Assivo team. This allowed them to allocate the proper resources for reliable, accurate catalogue data maintenance at a cost that made sense.

Assivo team members reliably, continuously process and update over 30,000 SKUs for the client each month. With errors eliminated and an always up-to-date catalogue on hand, the client has since been able to focus its efforts on building relationships with new furniture brands and manufacturers. The ability to demonstrate consistency and offer the proper available items has helped the client expand its business.

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