Managing the Pre-Underwriting Process for a FinTech Company

Managed the pre-underwriting process for small business lending products. Rapidly growing VC-backed FinTech company with over $100 million in private capital raised.

The Challenge

Scaling Underwriting Processes to Meet Demand in a Competitive Market

A progressive, rapidly growing FinTech company specializing in providing small to medium-size businesses with competitive financing for working capital and day-to-day operational needs found itself facing increased demand. Having raised over $100 million in private funding from leading venture capital firms, the client‘s book of business was expanding, and the company took on a higher application volume from small businesses who wanted funding access.

The client quickly identified an internal problem with scaling to meet this demand: the underwriting process was both manual and tedious. The in-house underwriting team struggled to keep up with the increased volume and became a roadblock to onboarding new business. Loans were delayed, and potential customers turned to competitive offerings as the market heated up, losing the client substantial business opportunities.

The Solution

Innovative Pre-Underwriting Workflows with Assivo Management

Assivo provided a custom consultation for the client, taking the time to understand their unique business approach and concerns. The client decided to split up the underwriting process into two phases: pre-underwriting and underwriting. Assivo staffed a team of 6 full-time associates to support the pre-underwriting tasks that took valuable time away from the client’s internal resources.

Assivo’s team handled the tedious work of gathering relevant financial statements, bank statements, and supporting content and preparing it for the purposes of underwriting decision making. Assivo’s project management ensured that all members assigned to the client understood the exact underwriting requirements and filtered out loan applications that were clearly not a good fit.

The Result

Streamlined Processes Enable Increased Capacity and Commitments

After seeing immediate productivity and volume results, the client took its engagement with Assivo to the next level. Assivo scaled to meet the client’s needs, allocating 30+ associates to the pre-underwriting workflow. The client’s underwriting team focused purely on decision making and approvals and stopped spending time gathering and collating data.

This led to a substantial increase in capacity, and the client was able to adhere to a strict 24-hour turnaround time on decisions for all completed loan applications. Freeing up their internal resources to focus on generating business, rather than sorting through paperwork, enabled them to be more competitive in the marketplace, increased their bandwidth, and streamlined their operations.

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