Researching and Adding Property Listings for an Apartment Rental Listing Aggregator

Researching, mining, and adding rental property listings to a back-end database. Aggregator of rental apartment listings with over 4 million apartments listed on platform.

The Challenge

High-Volume, High-Turnover Listing Updates Detracts from the Bottom Line

A fast growing, venture capital-backed aggregator of rental apartment listings employed an in-house team of individuals to scour the Internet in search of apartment listings from local and smaller landlords. With over 4 million apartments listed on its platform, the client’s team had to do a lot of heavy lifting. They added over 10,000 apartment listings to the platform each month, which became a difficult, repetitive job. As a result, the client had difficulty with turnover, performance management, and absenteeism among the employees who worked in this role. Unfortunately, the unreliability of both staff and content quality had a direct impact on the client’s ability to instill confidence in their customers and achieve its business goals.

The Solution

Result-Oriented Data Accuracy with an Assivo Pilot Program

The client needed to keep high-value listings flowing to its platform with speed and accuracy, as they were often the only aggregator that found them. They turned to Assivo for a plan to make their processes more reliable, seamless, and results oriented.

Due to the high-volume nature of the client’s business, Assivo kicked off the engagement with a 1-month pilot program to gain a complete understanding their needs and process pitfalls. The Assivo team was able to standardize the client’s sources for reference, implement measures for team productivity, and recognize nuances of the apartment listings industry. With the client’s confidence in Assivo’s ability to act on their challenges with accuracy, a team was put in place to carry out the data management tasks.

The Result

Data and Staffing Confidence Lead to Cost-Saving Cut Backs

Assivo’s team of 5 full-time associates produced over 10,000 listings each month with reliable information and accurate results. Assivo project management also documented training material to replace manual, in-person, live knowledge transfer. The client continued to develop a strong relationship of trust with Assivo. Seeing measurable results in data accuracy, completion times, and cost savings for outsourced assistance, the client transitioned out its in-house team after 3 months of working with Assivo.

How to work with




Share your unique challenges and work requirements, and we’ll create a custom proposal just for you.



Start with a pilot program to see your workflow in action, and we’ll discuss your feedback along the way.



Go live with a fully trained team of outstanding Assivo staff. Your dedicated team will be overseen by a capable project manager to ensure your needs are met.


Manage & Scale

Provide feedback and growth metrics, and we’ll manage your team’s productivity, work output quality, and size.