Sourcing and Managing Job Postings for a Healthcare Recruitment Firm

Sourcing, managing, and entering job listings/open requisitions into a back-end database. National Healthcare Recruitment Firm with 100+ recruiters.

The Challenge

Finding Time for Recruiters to Find the Right Fit

A healthcare-focused recruitment firm accustomed to managing a high volume of candidates and job openings throughout the year began to notice failings in recruiter productivity. Focused on the specialized placement of clinical (doctors, nurses) and non-clinical staff, the client recognized that  recruiters were spending far too much time searching for open requisitions at hospitals and researching candidates. This detracted from their ability to make the right matches between top talent and companies in need.

The Solution

Allocated Assivo Workflows for Resource and Requisition Management

The client’s managing partner asked Assivo for help to create a real-time view of the job openings at key hospitals and the candidates that would be a good fit for them. This way, the client’s recruiters could focus on candidate outreach for specific requisitions where a match made sense.

Assivo worked with the client to set up an effective workflow in their system to ensure that their goals were met. Assivo staff monitored all new job postings daily at over 500 leading hospital systems across the United States and added them to our client’s system. Assivo team members reviewed the specific requirements for each job posting and identified relevant candidates in the local market.

The Result

Retargeted Recruitment Efforts Put the Focus on Relationships

Assivo’s team of 8 full-time associates supported the client’s internal staff of 100+ client-facing recruiters. By streamlining job posting research and management, Assivo was able to remove the barrier between the recruiter and the time needed for fostering relationships. The client noted that by onboarding Assivo to source requisitions and propose potential candidate matches, the recruiters were able to recoup over 3 hours per day in time that had been previously wasted by specialized resources.

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