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Application Review

Initiating the mortgage process is overwhelming for most home buyers whether or not it is their first time through the experience. The application process can be burdensome to mortgage brokers with a number of required steps, piles of paperwork, and data coming in at various times from various systems.

Managing the application process can be just as challenging. With so many moving parts, collecting and confirming the content needed to initiate things on behalf of a buyer can be challenging. Time is lost to chasing down files, making copies, confirming details, and organizing materials in the right way for submissions.

The mortgage application process encompasses more than just buyer details and verification. Loan registrations and set up, initial and re-disclosures, and submission to underwriting systems all take time and coordination. Many of these tasks are time consuming and can drain internal resources needed for more complex responsibilities.

Assivo mortgage outsourcing specialists are trained to manage the entire application process and ensure that the right materials are collected from the right people at the right time.

Following compliance requirements and confirming that proper paperwork is on file requires attention to detail and efficiency to keep the home buying process moving forward. Assivo mortgage application specialists specifically understand the detailed requirements of the application process. Our confidential and efficient teams expedite this critical initial phase by collecting paperwork, confirmations, and copies for client review and processing.

The result?

Clients streamline the mortgage application process for home buyers with external support that delivers quick, accurate processing and leaves brokers with more time for what matters.

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