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Candidate & Client List Building

Recruitment is all about connections. Recruiters, especially those working in fast-paced agencies, are tasked with brokering connections between potential candidates and potential employers. To make these matches, recruiters need a clear sense of critical factors for both clients and applicants.

Building a client list is crucial to business growth. But with so many platforms and methods to use, knowing where or how to start can be a challenge. After all, not every prospective client will be a fit for your recruitment style and talent pool. Many recruiters specialize in certain skill areas, industries, or verticals. Finding clients that appreciate and leverage these specialties is key to success.

The same can be said about building a talent pool. Amassing resumes, contacts, and LinkedIn profiles can only take recruiters as far as the quality and accessibility of the data. Sorting candidates and being selective about who to review or represent allows recruiters to focus on top talent and matching with appropriate clients.

Assivo devises methodical strategies that produce a useful candidate or client lists in line with business goals and recruiter verticals with outsourced teams that propel targeted recruitment.

Our recruitment teams develop a thorough understanding of customer requirements for ideal candidate and client profiles. For job candidates, we explore criteria including skills, education, and work history. For prospective clients, we find compatible companies based on revenue, industry, location, business function, job opening, and other compelling factors. We then build targeted lists utilizing advanced tools and effective practices. Research is kept updated and accessible so clients are able to meet time-to-fill deliverables and limit time lost to poor matches.

The result?

Clients find the right piece of the talent puzzle to achieve account growth and candidate placement targets without sacrificing budgets or efficiency.

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