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Converting Data Between Systems & Sources

Technology platforms are constantly expanding and evolving, requiring companies to reevaluate their tech stack and approach. This often results in data being managed in multiple, disparate systems or processes that become outdated and require an upgrade. Data captured in CRM, ERP, legacy, or spreadsheet setups can lead to workflow struggles, gaps in decision making, and time lost to tracking down details.

Businesses can benefit from transforming data into different formats through the process of data conversion. But doing this requires large amounts of time and attention to detail to avoid duplicate entries and data lost. Data conversion or migration is critical and must be done accurately and systematically to avoid failure or corruption of files.

Data conversion generally includes three core steps: extract, transform, and load. However, these steps must be done properly and timely as it can spell the difference between having accessible, useful information and losing the data forever. These steps can also be time consuming and expensive for companies to manage with internal resources.

Assivo data conversion specialists are dedicated to eliminating the errors and frustrations that come with integrating or migrating new systems and databases.

Converting large volumes of data requires a thorough understanding of all systems and content and how they interplay with each other. Assivo data experts ensure that client data is systematically converted into the right format and harmonized, if necessary. Client workflow and data access goals are fully evaluated to make data conversion efficient, accurate, and consistent. Assivo helps clients consolidate platforms by ensuring data is compatible and prepared for systems and processes that help clients move forward.

The result?

Clients streamline where and how their data is stored for a more complete picture of their processes, projections, and profits in platforms that allow them to grow as technology evolves.

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