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Data Entry into Back-End Systems

Data entry is a time consuming but critical task that enables businesses to make projections and decisions with the best information possible. However, many organizations overlook the need for consistent, accurate data entry or lack the resources to adequately address this area.

Data entry includes populating your company’s database (data entry work), maintaining relevant and update information (data cleansing), and categorizing records (data classification). These seemingly simple tasks can have incredible impact but also require large amounts of time, training, and upkeep.

This work can quickly become overwhelming if faced with a backlog or urgency for proper data to fuel campaigns or reporting. Data entry projects can include thousands upon thousands of words and numbers, images, attachments, spreadsheets, duplicate records, and integrity concerns.

Assivo data entry specialists eliminate the strain that data integrity and maintenance projects have on business functions, planning, and resources.

Entering data into the back-end system requires efficiency and accuracy, and more importantly, organization. Assign data entry functions to experienced data entry specialists who have prior experience working with extensive data across formats, systems, and platforms. Assivo data entry specialists are experts who have a keen attention to the smallest of details. Our teams learn client processes and requirements and execute on project plans that encompass entering, cleansing, and categorizing data efficiently and effectively.

The result?

Clients leverage internal resources for other critical tasks, leaders make decisions with the right data, and companies experience a direct impact on their bottom line with flexible engagements.

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