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Survey Data Entry & Processing

Surveys do more than just poll for opinions. Surveys can be leveraged in business settings to identify new ways to improve products, services, and client relations. Organizations utilize surveys to analyze problems, determine popular opinions, and drive roadmap decisions. Gaining a consensus or identifying trends with survey results can shine light on areas for advancement or processes to pivot away from.

Survey data can be collected either electronically or in hard copy. Both present their own challenges when it comes to accurate tabulation to make business decisions based on the results. Also, the larger the data set or polling group, the more honest of an indicator the survey results will be, helping companies take appropriate action.

Managing data entry and aggregation is cumbersome, and a large amount of time or large allocation of resources is required to process information in a timely and actionable fashion. Resources can become strained, and incomplete or inaccurate data can dictate misguided decision making.

Assivo data entry and survey teams improve the positive impact of survey results with efficient, complete management.

Whether you are a survey vendor in need of data entry support or a business looking to get more out of the information you collect from prospects and clients, Assivo can save you time and money while providing results you can work with. Eliminate the lost time and money spent on in-house survey management with Assivo. Our technology-assisted workforce ensures timely, accurate, and organized questionnaire response entry so you can report on data in the formats and systems you need.

The result?

Clients determine changes in business direction, resources, or planning based on reliable data that tells a complete story.

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