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Lead Scoring

Lead generation is one of the most costly and time consuming efforts managed in an inbound marketing effort. Optimizing and improving customer acquisition costs as well as cost per lead spend is key to efficient and effective campaigns. All businesses strive to measure the return on investment for these programs, and lead generation services are no exception.

Many companies pay for leads in one way or another, whether you purchase curated lists or run programs to drive traffic to specific landing pages. Measuring the quantity of leads is one way to determine success. Lead scoring is another.

Lead scoring helps businesses determine which leads are more likely to convert into opportunities and, hopefully, sales. Scoring requires planning and definition of goals, target audiences, and buyer personas. It also requires taking the time to rate which potential prospect actions are more likely to result in moving a lead through the marketing funnel. This is often based on research and analysis of past lead behavior trends.

Evaluating and establishing lead scoring methodology can be extremely impactful and rewarding on a business. It can help define what campaigns are more effective as well as help target specific leads for sales to focus attention. But implementing and reporting on lead scoring can be extremely time consuming when done properly.

Assivo offers fully-managed lead generation services with trained specialists who help clients acquire leads with high potential.

Companies with or without lead scoring in place can benefit from outsourced lead generation support. Assivo teams start every engagement discussing the client’s specific requirements and goals. We then devote our time and expertise develop and refine lead scoring attributes. Every lead our team generates will be scored based on these attributes before they are ranked and submitted to the client. Knowing that leads have been scored, ranked, and qualified with up-to-date information gives customers the decision-making power to pass prospects to a sales team to focus on closing deals while assigning other leads to a marketing team that can further nurture prospects with a targeted strategy.

The result? Clients work with only qualified and ranked leads that align with their business goals and fast track the sales process to improve their business outcomes.

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