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Loan Qualification & Pre-Underwriting Support

Underwriting spans a number of personal and professional client pursuits. Request can come in from first-time home buyers, to businesses looking to expand, to individuals trying to pursue a secondary education. Whether business, personal, or mortgage, underwriters follow a detailed process of vetting and advancing clients through loan qualification.

The first, and perhaps most critical, step is to determine whether an applicant is viable or qualified. Pursuing loans on behalf of unqualified applicants is time consuming and detrimental to a business. While assessing qualification can be rather clear cut, especially for an experienced underwriter, gathering and extrapolating the information to make an informed decision can be more difficult.

Every applicant needs to be thoroughly assessed for risk and held to guidelines that protect everyone involved. If a book of business is growing or demand is increasing, going through thousands of application forms can make it hard to keep up with accuracy and timeliness. An inability to process and move applications through the pre-underwriting process can lead to wasted loan applications and a subsequent dip in revenue for lenders.

Assivo expedites the application review and the loan qualification process without heavy expenses or sacrificing quality for clients.

Our teams offer clients a capable, scalable workforce that meticulously reviews and verifies forms and attached documents. We ensure compliance with government requirements, run a fraud analysis, and follow robust process checklists that are 100% in line with each client’s particular workflow. Using goal-specific automation tools, our experienced underwriters can weed out applicants and properties that fail to reach the lender’s minimum standards.

The result?

Clients focus their skills on processing applications from the most viable approval candidates with accurate paperwork and time saved by outsourcing the loan qualification and pre-underwriting process.

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