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Mine Information from Social Media

Using Assivo’s simple query interface, you can quickly search for tweets that meet your criteria. You can search for keywords, hashtags, specific users or accounts, locations, and more. You can also narrow your search results by time range and language.

The powerful analytics capabilities in Assivo make it easy to turn raw data into meaningful insights. The platform allows you to visualize your results with charts and graphs, making it easier to spot trends or outliers. Assivo also runs text analysis to uncover the sentiment of a social media post, which helps understand customer opinions about a product or brand.

With Assivo, you have the power to quickly and easily extract information from social media to gain valuable insights. Whether you’re trying to track customer sentiment, understand trending topics, or monitor competitor activity, Assivo makes it easy to mine the wealth of data available on social media.

Assivo can also help you extract meaningful information from text, images, videos and other media types, allowing you to gain deeper insights into trends and topics. One of the ways that Assivo helps you understand large sets of data is through its supervised approach.

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