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Moderate Inappropriate or Vulgar Images

The Internet abounds with a variety of content and images: stock photos, logos, infographics, user generated images, and more. But not all of these images are considered appropriate for everyone. Reader age, demographic, and preference can impact whether content is objectionable, but often objectionable images are fairly obvious to most viewers.

Companies foster online engagement and encourage their communities to post content and share their opinions on content, services, products, and even news. But no one can control whether a reader decides to add inappropriate or vulgar images.

Content moderation becomes critical in these instances. With real-time monitoring and reaction to clearly offensive content, companies can mitigate the negative impact on their community and their brand. This process requires monitoring and moderation of vulgar images on social media, forums, and other online platforms.

Assivo filters content posted online to make sure that no inappropriate images ruin a client’s brand or relationship with consumers.

We manage robust image moderation to quickly address and remove inappropriate and vulgar images. Our highly trained moderators can screen images posted by users to make sure that client branding and reader comfort is protected. We follow strict each client’s guidelines that define acceptable and appropriate content.

The result?

Clients continue to encourage creative and visual engagement with their communities without worrying that a rogue offensive graphic will linger too long.

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