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Moderate Inappropriate or Vulgar Videos

Regardless of the social media platform, video content and sharing are widespread. With the ease of shooting, editing and creating video content, user generated videos have become more abundant online. In fact, even big brands allow their users and followers to share videos related to their brand. These topics usually cover customer feedback, lifestyle, and how-to videos.

But encouraging users to generate their own content has a caveat. Companies will not know what is being said about or on behalf of their brands until the videos are posted. In some cases, the topics or tactics might be inappropriate, incompatible with brand guidelines, or even vulgar.

Companies need to be diligent in monitoring the multimedia content shared in their communities to make sure that no inappropriate video gets posted and damages a brand’s reputation. This requires not only timely review to identify objectionable content quickly but also time-consuming attention to audit videos of all lengths.

Assivo reviews video content across client forums and social media networks to moderate and eliminate inappropriate or vulgar material.

Our professional video moderators see to it that all user-generated videos posted on social media accounts or websites are free from vulgarity to help protect a client’s brand. We ensure integrity and engagement in communities that inspire creative ways to share experiences via video without exposing readers to unsavory content.

The result?

Clients aggregate multimedia content from consumers and users while trusting that video content is appropriate for all participants.

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