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Moderate User Comments on News Websites & Online Forums

News websites and online forums have become some of the most sought-after information resources across various industries. These online platforms serve a large variety of audiences, from insiders and industry experts, to newbies and curious readers. While these sites serve content to their readership, even more content ends up generated by end users who interact with the media sources and with one another.

With have hundreds or thousands of daily visitors to online forums, the need for comment moderation is inevitable. End-user engagement and encouraging conversation are important to cultivating community, return visitors, and even positive impacts on advertising performance. But depending on the topics or the individuals, conversations can take a negative turn that impacts overall visitor experience and company branding.

Communication platforms benefit from moderating user comments on news websites and online forums, but finding the resources to manage this content in real time can be a strain. Objectionable or offensive material requires moderation with significant attention to detail.

Assivo moderates user comments and website posts or forums with professionalism to ensure that conversations remain productive and inoffensive based on client guidelines.

Our expert content moderators are protect client brands by maintaining a safe environment for website readers and followers. Inappropriate content is flagged based on the standards set by the client and then redacted or modified as needed. Users are encouraged to foster conversations while we monitor engagements in real time to make everyone feel welcome.

The result?

Clients increase community engagement without the looming concern that unwarranted or inappropriate content will detract from brand and content goals.

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