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Moderate User Generated Content On Social Networks & Apps

To cope with the growing demand for visibility in today’s online marketing world, having social media accounts across various platforms and communities has become a necessity. Consumers expect to see their favorite brands engaging and sharing content online, and they often use corporate posts to keep up with news, product information, and even discounts.

But maintaining a social media presence is not as easy as it seems. From creating original content and collating user-generated posts to managing groups and a community of followers, social media moderation take a lot of time and dedication. Proper engagement requires posting with regularity and interacting with comments and questions. Post types range in media content from text to images to video and more.

One of the goals for a social media strategy is to inspire engagement with consumers and potential buyers. However, companies have no way of controlling the user-generated content that comes from these discussions. Some users may post inappropriate or off-brand comments that reflect poorly on your services, products, and marketing image. Moderating this content in a timely fashion is critical but extremely time consuming.

Assivo monitors social media network activity and moderates user-generated content to keep conversations relevant and respectful.

Our highly skilled content moderators listen and interact with client followers and manage comments. With client brand and terms of service guidelines in mind, we ensure that content remains in compliance with company standards. We also support client content generation by posting quality and relevant content across social sites and help grow online followers.

The result?

Clients boost brand visibility by optimizing the use of social accounts and improving communication with online communities.

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