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Monitor & Moderate Reviews & Posts Across Platforms

Product reviews and customer feedback are among the most sought-after resources for consumers. Most people search online reviews and base their purchases on what brands are worth spending money on after researching others with similar experiences. This content can help them make an informed decision before buying a product or service.

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware that product and brand reviews, whether positive or negative, should be monitored and handled accordingly. Positive comments can show a company which products or services are resonating the most with consumers and why they are achieving success. Negative feedback can highlight areas of improvement that need to be addressed internally.

While learning of poor customer experiences can help a company grow, the online presence of this content can have lasting negative effects on a business. Other potential buyers will see these comments and draw undesirable conclusions about products. Moderating these comments can help companies proactively tackle problems, clear up misunderstandings, and encourage customers to follow up online regarding the issue resolution. But comments can appear nearly anywhere on the Internet, so finding and addressing these comments can be time consuming and problematic.

Assivo promotes positive online brand reputation for clients by monitoring and moderating reviews and posts generated across platforms.

Our professional content moderators leverage client guidelines, robust monitoring technology, and search techniques to stay on top of this often demanding task. No matter the platform, we are well equipped with the tools and knowledge to help clients maintain a positive online presence. Our teams can intercede for clients to promote engagement and clarify misunderstandings whether appeasing disgruntled customers or assessing the appropriateness of reviews and posts.

The result?

Clients rest assured that their services and products are represented accurately and appropriately while demonstrating engagement with consumers across platforms.

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