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Photo Editing & Retouching of Product Images

Image isn’t everything, but image quality can make a difference for a potential buyer who is considering products in an online store. After all, with so many purchased taking place completely online, consumers rely heavily on photography to be clear on what they are purchasing.

If images are not well lit, faded, blurry, improperly sized, or otherwise unclear, a buyer may look elsewhere for a similar product. Demonstrating products with clarity and accuracy in photos is important for increasing conversions on an eCommerce website. Vendors need to provide buyers with a visual representation of products that matches the items that will be delivered.

However, not every vendor is a professional photographer or has access to resources to improve their product image quality. Photo editing and retouching can be one way to improve the customer experience, but this also needs to be done properly in order to appear professional.

Assivo enhances client eCommerce sites with photo editing and retouching of product images that more accurately portrays vendor assets.

Our expert graphic artists work with clients to improve product images based on established specifications. We take into account file formats, lighting, consistency, and sizing to standardize content across a client’s entire website. Our designers have access to the latest photo editing software and are skilled in retouching images that produce top-quality product photos.

The result?

Clients improve brand reputation and enhance product marketability with images that reflect their product quality.

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