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To some, pre-underwriting might seem like a superfluous component of the mortgage process. But many brokers find that spending the time up front to qualify buyers leads to higher close and success rates.

Pre-underwriting is specifically the act of verifying or confirming that a potential buyer is likely to meet the requirements for a requested loan. This step can have a positive impact on your business, but the time and energy needed to effectively manage it can exhaust internal resources that are probably already overwhelmed.

Collecting, calculating, and submitting additional client materials for review makes up the bulk of the pre-underwriting phase. This time consuming and paperwork (or e-form) heavy stage includes review of assets, insurance, titles, and appraisals. It also covers credit review and income calculations. Performing these assessments in advance gives the buyer, seller, and lender more assurance in the process and a mortgage broker’s services. But how can a brokerage find the time and resources to dedicate to even more verification and review tasks?

Assivo pre-underwriting services can scale to help you meet demand from clients, banks, and partners with outsourced review and submission tasks.

Most of the time lost in the pre-underwriting process goes to review (and re-review) of client submissions and the verification of these details. Outsourcing these wearisome tasks can free up internal resources to focus on next steps while adding value to the buyer. This also allows mortgage brokerages to benefit from added insight and confidence gained in confirming property values, and buyer credibility as well as weeding out potential for fraud.

The result?

Clients benefit from insights gained from implementing a thorough pre-underwriting process without losing internal efficiency or payroll to expand services.

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