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We offer the best value for money on the market. Our cost per outcome is generally the most competitive.

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We move fast and have the ability to ramp up complex engagements with urgency and speed.


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We pride ourselves on maintaining 99.95% accuracy levels as well as 100% uptime for our clients’ most mission critical processes.

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We value and respect our clients’ data and intellectual property, and our operations are secure and monitored.

Research & Data Collection

Product Data Mining & Collection

Designing, developing or finding new product ideas for your business requires a lot of information and research. If you want to provide your customers with quality products that they actually want and need, it’s important that you find the best ideas to use for your product development. For this, data mining can come in handy.Data mining helps uncover patterns and trends within large data collections to ensure ad spend is allocated profitably. It allows companies to make informed decisions based on insights gathered from this data and develop robust buyer personas and ideal customer profiles.

Assivo specializes in data mining, utilizing algorithms and techniques to convert extensive data collections into useful output. We will employ cutting-edge data mining techniques, including association rule mining, clustering, classification, anomaly detection, sequential pattern mining, and text mining.

  • Association rule mining is used to identify relationships between variables in a dataset.
  • Clustering enables the identification of similar groups in a dataset.
  • Classification categorizes data into predefined classes or labels.
  • Anomaly detection is used to identify rare events or items in a dataset.
  • Sequential pattern mining looks for patterns in sequences of events.
  • Text mining extracts meaningful information from large amounts of unstructured text.

All these techniques help to unlock value from the data, allowing businesses to make smarter decisions and develop better products.

But if done in-house, data mining can take up a lot of your time and resources. Why not pass that burden to Assivo and focus your time and efforts on your business instead? Here at Assivo, our highly-trained data mining professionals are ready to collect product ideas and details that you can use for your product design and conceptualization.

90%+ Client Retention Rate

We have a 3-year client retention rate of over 90%. Additionally, over 87% of our clients expand their relationship with Assivo into multiple functional areas after successfully outsourcing their first process to us.

40–60% Average Operating Cost Savings

Our client companies achieve an average cost savings of 40–60% as compared to their in-house operating costs. We convert our clients’ fixed costs into variable costs. We also reduce their recruiting, training, and retention issues.

99.95% Accuracy & High Reliability

Our team has delivered 99.95% accuracy to our clients and continues to do so on an ongoing basis. Our operations are built to maximize accuracy, while maintaining industry-leading uptime. Our clients rely on Assivo to work on their most mission-critical processes.

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