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Product Tagging & Categorization

Running an eCommerce business satisfying two very different audiences: search engines and customers. Products and services need to be clearly presented so consumers can find exactly what they are looking for with minimal effort once they get to a website. But how they find the website in the first place often comes down to how good a company’s search engine optimization (SEO) truly is.

With proper tags and categories for product offerings, sellers can bring the right products to the forefront for customers while also making sure that the right keywords are included for search engines to find. Product tagging can make it easy to find products with similar attributes.

Tagging makes content more searchable because it narrows down the items according to what search engine users are looking for. Meanwhile, by categorizing items properly, sellers can make it easier for site visitors or prospective buyers to navigate the site, find a specific item, and compare options. This increases engagement and often converts the visit to an actual profitable sale.

Product tagging and categorization, and the SEO research and effort that go into implementing it, can take time away from internal teams that are tasked with managing product catalogues or marketing a business. While there is clear business value in adding details to pages and products, finding the resources to do so properly, accurately, and efficiently is challenging.

Assivo offers product tagging and categorization services to help clients optimize their offerings for better web visibility.

Our data-driven workforce can take over the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with product categorization and tagging. We work with clients to understand their line of business, align efforts with both product and marketing experts, and implement programs to expedite data append efforts. Regardless of whether a client has dozens or tens of thousands of products, we can form a scalable team and utilize our resources so that clients don’t have to waste theirs.

The result?

Clients optimize their product offerings and increase SEO traction and website engagement with easier-to-find, indexed content.

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