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Research & Collect Public Real Estate & Other Industry Data

Businesses today must have access to reliable and accurate data to make decisions and develop strategies for success. Assivo’s data research allows companies to research and collect public real estate and other industry data quickly and accurately.

Assivo generates thousands of proprietary attributes to segment audiences, identify key trends and develop actionable insights. This is particularly useful for real estate, finance, retail, and hospitality businesses.

Using these attributes, Assivo can create influential multi-attribute segments. With its ability to combine vast amounts of public and proprietary data into comprehensive intelligence reports, Assivo can help companies make informed decisions about their future strategies.

In addition, Assivo can deliver device IDs to any platform for activation across all digital channels. This ensures businesses can reach their target audiences with the right message at the right time.

With Assivo, companies can quickly research, collect and analyze real estate and other industry data to gain valuable insights and develop successful strategies. By leveraging sophisticated analyses and research techniques, we can help businesses better understand the real estate markets, optimize their buyer targeting, hone in on home features that best fit their needs, accurately assess pricing, and more.

In addition, Assivo’s integrated global panel helps reduce the likelihood of bots, fraud, and misuse when collecting public real estate data. This ensures that businesses receive reliable, up-to-date information to make decisions confidently.

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