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Researching & Gathering Job Listings

Recruiters today face a number of unique challenges when it comes to filling unique requisitions or hitting placement quotas. Employers and candidates alike have become more particular about finding the right match for them based on both skillset and cultural or ideological compatibility. Access to a wide variety of job listings can help a recruiter or staffing agency shorten their time-to-fill metrics.

But beyond their own curated database or personal network, how can recruiters amass accurate job listings? Combing the internet, scouring job boards, or searching for specialized companies with active hiring needs can take away valuable time from networking and other focused tasks. Yet there are clear benefits to working with current openings available on-demand for quick fulfillment.

Researching and gathering job listings based on specific industries and unique criteria is one way accelerate candidate placement. Companies can allocate internal staff to do this, or bring on temporary help based on demand, but these methods are often inefficient and costly. Outsourcing these tasks can be a cost effective and quick way to fast track candidates.

Assivo collaborates with recruiters and staffing agencies to researching and gathering job listings using techniques that provide diverse openings sure to address placement needs.

Our researchers and recruitment support specialists scan listings across the Internet and other platforms to find high-quality job listings and hiring posts. We contact companies on behalf of a client, confirming the requisition details via call or emails directly with human resources personnel, hiring managers, and headhunters. We outline general requirements based on an industry or account and can also support individual placements with specialized requirements as provided. Our work also expands to verifying listings to eliminate incompatible or fraudulent openings that waste time and put candidates at risk. All engagements are fully scalable and supported by a fully managed team dedicated to meeting client objectives.

The result?

Clients access fully researched job listings that meet their high standards for candidate placement while reducing time to fill.

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