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Resume & CV Reformatting

Writing a resume that accurately and impressively features candidate accomplishments is just the first step to landing the right job. While expertise and experience are paramount, they are not the only factors that are considered when making a first impression on a potential employer. In fact, presentation can have a major impact on whether a candidate is given a second glance.

Resume design and format demonstrate to a hiring manager or recruiter the level of detail a candidate is willing to dedicate to the hiring process. And in an increasingly digital age, format impacts how, and if, a resume or CV even makes it into complex Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) accurately. These online systems are designs to create candidate profiles, often extracting resume contents from Word or PDF files and automatically filling fields that are they scanned by recruiters. In most cases, these resumes are never seen in their original form.

A poorly formatted resume, or one that fails to take into consideration the typical OCR approach for ATS technology, might cause a perfectly qualified candidate to be overlooked. The right data needs to be processed in the right way to trigger hiring manager alerts or index the applicant against ATS database searches. While some companies share whether they require specific resume formats, others let applicants do the guesswork.

Assivo supports headhunters and placement firms with resume or CV reformatting services that comply with ATS formatting requirements to position candidates for success in the hiring process.

Our teams assess the industry, systems, and trends in hiring and ATS technology. Our experts familiarize themselves with company-specific resume or CV formatting requirements and recommended resume structure. Depending on client needs, we form a scalable team to restructure CVs and reformat resumes to help leverage job seekers. With quick turn-around times and extra attention to detail, resume formatting services reduce the chances that applicants will be dispositioned or overlooked based on a formatting error.

The result?

Clients see qualified candidates receiving the consideration they deserve from companies that fit their expertise without concern that an ATS will adversely impact them.

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