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Resume & CV Screening

Sifting through tens of thousands of resumes and curriculum vitae (CV) can be a real test to the eye, mind, and heart. Details certainly matter, but in high-volume situations, the amount of information and number of files sent over to recruiters and staffing firms can be simply overwhelming. Add to it the fact that applicants often include irrelevant or extra information, and teams quickly begin losing time trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Still, every resume should be reviewed, indexed, and considered to make sure that the right matches are made when it comes to your open requisitions. The right candidate will check nearly all of the boxes for requirements list. When trying to process a high volume of listings and resumes, seeing one or two skill matches can mislead recruiters to pursue less than idea candidates.

While recruiters do not want to miss out on the best candidates or provide sub-par options for their clients, massive amounts of time can be lost to properly screening potential candidates. Thorough review, consideration of cover letters, verification for portfolio submissions, and cursory Internet searches to rule out a poor choice have direct business value but take recruiters away from relationship building and moving hiring processes along.

Assivo advances the candidate screening process without sacrificing detail with a team of data-driven managers and experienced resume and CV screeners.

Our experts help narrow down client candidate options to narrow down the best talent pool based on a project’s or client’s specific requirements. We conduct resume and CV screening that examines the applicants’ work experience, educational background, and other information based set parameters. Recruiters are able to collect resumes with confidence and compliance in mind.

The result?

Clients save time and energy once lost to verifying and screening applicants who are not qualified and dedicate resources to effectively filling open positions.

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