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Rules-Based Data Entry of Application Forms

Forms are a regular part of most business operations. Be it for legal, tax, insurance, medical, payroll or registration forms, there will always be a number of forms in need of processing. Despite the more recent move to more digital forms and platforms, many organizations remain reliant on paper forms for data collection and compliance. Switching to a digital portal is one way to streamline data collection in line with consistent collection. But there a number of use cases (limited access to technology, physical signature required, laggard internal systems) that warrant use of physical forms.

The data businesses collect is often only as valuable as their ability to work with it. Information on physical forms often needs to be scanned or entered into other systems for reference. These forms can be hard to read, inconsistent, long, and conflicting at times. They can also be time consuming and confusing to manage.

Many businesses are also required to submit forms themselves. Whether based on internal information or as a compilation of client-provided content, managing these applications and form submissions can be overwhelming. With so many details to prepare and accomplish, it’s not always easy to complete them properly the first time.

Assivo adds efficient to forms review, completion, and submission with teams dedicated to rules-based data entry and review. Our highly experienced professionals can easily manage and streamline data entry services to help meet client needs in completing or processing application forms with complete accuracy.

The result?

Clients save time and spare teams from the headache of completing application forms and other rule-based forms.

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