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Stock Control

Products and inventory are a key component in retail operations. Merchandise must be available with clarity and accuracy for consumers to review and consider making a purchase. While this seems straightforward, stock management can be difficult to manage depending on where and how much of it companies are responsible for.

Offering items for sale, especially in an online store, only for customers to find that there were errors in availability or product descriptions is a recipe for disaster. Misleading and inaccurate details that result in disappointing purchases or poor customer experiences reflect badly on a brand and a business. Unhappy consumers are likely to take to the Internet to share their negative experience and are unlikely to frequent a business again, choosing a more reliable competitor.

Stock control and inventory management are critical to business and customer success. The content listed online for sale should accurately reflect the physical stock available for purchase. Offering items only to realize that they are no longer in stock leads to an awful customer experience, cumbersome customer service tickets, lost revenue to refunds, and loss of many future sales.

Assivo can control accurate stock inventory to ensure online availability reflects real-time supply by leveraging fully-managed teams and cutting-edge systems.

Depending on client needs, our highly scalable team and cloud-based inventory software can integrate sales order processing, purchase order processing, automatic stock monitoring, and accounting and invoice systems. We optimize tracking across the supply chain and existing client tech stacks to provide up-to-date inventory for online retail that leads to consumer and business satisfaction. We understand that most eCommerce businesses use an array of platforms to sell their products often in tandem with a physical storefront. While this can make tracking products more complicated, our data-driven workforce can streamline an organized process that makes your stock control reliable across the board.

The result?

Clients offer accurate inventory to consumers across channels with confidence that orders can be fulfilled as promised, placing their focus on winning customers and growing sales.

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