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Transcribe Financial Statements

Financial statements are pivotal to balancing accounts, maintaining compliance, and running an efficient business. They can also take up a lot of space when working with physical copies. Preparing, organizing, and storing financial statements should be done with utmost care, considering the sensitivity of the information each statement contains.

While many companies are turning to software and digital solutions to manage accounts and statements, the institutions, clients, and partners they work with are likely still using, sending, and requesting physical copies. To make it more efficient to integrate printed financial statements into financial software, companies need to have them transcribed and digitized.

Developing a database or system to collect and report on financial statements makes practical sense but is often hard to put into practice. Companies need to dedicate time and people to entering statement details into databases, and they need to do so with accuracy and confidentiality.

Assivo prepares and updates database systems with transcribed financial statements with a balance of speed and precision.

Our highly professional team takes care of the financial statement transcription so clients have up-to-date systems that report on company health, status, and accounts. We evaluate demand and backlog and then allocate manpower and resources to keep all financial statements current with minimal client resources needed.

The result?

Clients rest assured that financial statements are managed effectively and efficiently while concentrating internal resources on functions important to their business performance.

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