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Transcribe Medical Records

The medical field has also taken on the challenge of modernization to cope with the growing and evolving demands in the healthcare industry. With many medical facilities keeping up with the needs of hundreds to thousands of clients and patients, digitizing medical records has become a necessity.

This process has taken many forms as facilities struggle to catch up with technology. Many medical offices have hard copy archies and backlogs of patient data in traditional folder and filing systems that need to be entered into patient databases. While electronic medical records (EMR) are becoming more common, paper forms still abound as clinicians continue to hand out clipboards for patients to verify information or sign waivers. This information then needs to be added to EMR systems, either by manual data entry, scan, or both.

Accuracy and privacy are critical when transcribing medical records. Every data point, patient history detail, and doctor’s note needs to be properly entered. Some details can be technical or nuanced, making the introduction of errors costly.

Assivo handles medical record transcription to help clients easily transition to and maintain EMR systems for reliable, compliant patient record access.

Through our secure and HIPAA-compliant transcription, all client and patient information is safe and 100% confidential. Our first-rate medical transcriptionists are trained to process large quantities of medical records while maintaining high accuracy. We make sure our teams are trained on client systems and processes and provide regular reporting on progress, especially when it comes to record backlogs. As needs vary, we scale our resources to address the introduction of new forms or the reduction of historical data input so clients only pay for needed resources.

The result?

Clients leverage professional help with transcribing medical records without sacrificing internal resources, accuracy, or patient confidentiality.

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