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Transcribe Paper Application Forms

Digitizing forms and the data collected from paper applications is a daunting task no matter the industry or line of business. Many companies are reliant on physical application documents as part of their existing workflows. But these companies also know that adding their form data to a consistent, searchable database can give them more use and access for the valuable information they collect.

Digitizing application forms can be a tedious process, and converting a paper application form process over to digital can be even more challenging. There is also the large backlog of physical submissions to account for and the need to consistently assemble the information while remaining compliant and resourceful.

Most companies would dedicate internal teams to the task or hire temporary freelancers for assistance. Both options can address the problem while causing issues of their own. Current staff have other core tasks to attend to and are unlikely to be keen on tedious data entry work being added to their workload. Freelancers can be costly and have high turnover, causing companies to spend time and money on training and salaries that amount to very little.

Assivo equips companies looking to transcribe paper application forms with dynamic and dedicated teams that eliminate time-consuming data entry for clients.

With our highly experienced transcription specialists, we can handle the data entry and extraction for various application forms. Be it for insurance claims, loans, taxes, leases, or any other forms relevant to a business, we are ready to care of them with efficiency and accuracy in mind.

The result?

Clients improve application forms processes and save time collecting and compiling data with outsourced transcriptions services that also save them time and money.

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