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Transcribe Restaurant Menus

Core to every restaurant is its ability to provide an enjoyable and delicious culinary experience for every guest. But instead of relying on word of mouth or feeling adventurous and trying a new place, more people rely on Internet content to choose where to eat.

People search for two main content types when considering a restaurant: reviews and menus. Restaurant reviews abound online, especially on third-party sites and independent blogs. Opinions can shed light on the experience of dining at a specific location, but menus tell people exactly what variety and options to expect and whether the offerings meet their own interests or dietary restrictions. With so many people looking content up on their phones on the go, putting a menu online can affect consumers in real time as they look for a place to eat.

Restaurant owners want to be found by potential customers with as much ease as possible. Sharing detailed information online, whether for dine-in or takeout, can reduce a barrier to diner decision making. Letting customers know what you have to offer by transcribing restaurant menus and digitizing them for a better online presence can have a big impact on a restaurant. However, restaurant management staff is usually rather lean, and finding resources to manage labor intensive restaurant menu transcription often just isn’t possible.

Assivo knows the value that accurate and easy-to-read online menus can add to a restaurant and manages the complete transcription process for eateries of all sizes.

We take printed menus and turn them into digital content, capturing descriptions and details as efficiently and accurately as possible. Our team of professional transcriptionists are trained to transcribe menus of varying sizes and complexities so that restauranteurs can focus on front and back of house management.

The result?

Clients maximize menu content as a creative way to present culinary offerings online for marketing with direct and organic results.

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