Why Outsourcing Data Entry Beats Doing It In-House

Every modern business is powered by data. Data is how you can uncover lucrative business ventures, identify your most valuable customers, and make informed decisions about product line expansion to support business growth. 

However, the data entry workflows that you use to input critical data into your internal systems can become repetitive and tedious for your in-house team. Delegating these tasks to internal team members can detract from their core responsibilities and add to their already endless to-do list. 

Though data entry tasks are often perceived as routine, mundane, and resource-intensive, they are indispensable in modern business operations, and should not be overlooked. If you let the accuracy and efficiency of such tasks slip, there could be serious implications for your business and take away from your ability to make informed data-driven decisions. 

Rather than concern your team with important data entry tasks that they don’t have the capacity to complete properly, consider outsourcing data entry to a qualified team of experts. Providing better results for both your internal and external stakeholders, let’s take a look at why outsourcing data entry is a worthwhile investment. 

Partner with Skilled Experts

Because data entry tasks are repetitive in nature, the incorrect assumption is that these workflows are simple and straightforward, and can be done by almost anyone. However, this is often not the case, and you will need to have qualified personnel on your staff to support your data entry needs. 

It can be costly and time-consuming to recruit, hire, and train new talent internally, especially if you’re not sure what skills and attributes to look for in data entry specialists. Instead, outsourcing data entry means you can access specialized expertise from experienced professionals. 

By partnering with the right outsourcing company, you can rely on data entry professionals with the exact specializations to fit your needs, without having to hire and train them yourself. Data entry requires a keen eye for detail and consistency that not all people can offer. So, it’s best to outsource the work to professionals who have the right skill set. 

Access to Advanced Technologies

If you want to establish your data entry team in-house, you will need to acquire the proper tools and resources that are specifically built for these tasks. Then, you’ll need to ensure the program is compatible with your existing systems, and train all necessary personnel in the program. 

Specialized data entry programs can be costly to acquire in-house. But, if you lack the proper technology infrastructure to support your efforts, your data entry processes may become even more tedious and complex. 

Outsourcing data entry to a dedicated team of experts means you can get access to cutting-edge technologies without having to make the upfront investment yourself. So, by working with an outsourced team, you can take advantage of specialized technology for quick and efficient data entry using the latest tools, but without the hefty price tag.  

Scale with Ease

Depending on the nature of your business, your data entry needs may fluctuate for certain seasons or times of the year. So, building up an internal data entry team can be a poor use of your resources if they will only be busy during a certain period. 

You may consider outsourcing data entry when you have irregular workflows that wouldn’t support a dedicated internal team. This means you can scale up or down your data entry tasks without having to go through the turmoil of hiring and firing team members constantly. But, you can get this added convenience while still accessing qualified talent who are skilled in data entry. 

Enhanced Focus on Core Processes

Whether you’re placing data entry tasks on your existing team members or you plan on hiring new team members, you will exert a lot of time and energy to this expansion. As a result, you will likely detract from the effort you and your team are able to put into your core operations. 

Instead, outsourcing data entry means your team regains time in their daily schedule to focus on the workflows and tasks that you hired them to do. You can still get regular updates from the outsourced team on how data entry tasks are performing. But, you can deal with fewer distractions in your regular operations by letting the experts take control of these workflows. 

Cost Savings

Creating an internal team dedicated to data entry tasks can be very resource-intensive and costly. Between the resources you’ll expend recruiting data entry specialists, investing in the proper technology infrastructure to support their work, training the new staff, and paying for the necessary licensing requirements, you are looking at a large upfront cost to bring on these new team members. 

Outsourcing is typically seen as a more economical option than expanding your internal team, which will help you save on labor costs. Though this can vary by provider, you will usually save money by outsourcing data entry tasks to an offshore team rather than hiring internally. 

Partner with Assivo for Outsourcing Data Entry Today

Outsourcing data entry can help your internal team save valuable time and resources while still unlocking greater operational efficiencies. Data entry tasks like updating your CRM or converting paper files to a digital format can be tedious and repetitive. But, they are essential to the ongoing success of your business, and should only be handled by qualified professionals. 

If you outsource your data entry tasks to Assivo, you can partner with a team of skilled data entry professionals who have years of experience. We get to know your specific data entry needs and tailor our approach to your business. We have partnered with clients of all sizes who have been highly satisfied with the results of our services. When you’re ready to work with professionals, contact us here at Assivo. 

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