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Transcribe Invoices

The digital age has seen companies shifting to electronic invoices (or e-invoice) and other digital means of indicating and tracking payments. These methods are designed to streamline processes, expedite processing, and enhance communications with payors.

However, many companies are not able to quickly transition into a digitized invoice system. In some cases, organizations and industries are traditionally laggard when it comes to implementing new technologies and prefer to use paper invoicing. For others, there is a desire to implement electronic invoices, but the structure, budget, and support to do so is lacking.

As a result, many vendors continue to issue physical invoices. This requires manual processing by internal accounts payable departments and related staff resources. While collections and invoicing may rely on paper methods, many business increase the speed and volume of their business transactions, causing payment collection needs to increase as well. Voluminous paper invoices that require review, entry, and processing can mean hours of work and energy that staff could have otherwise dedicated to core functions.

Assivo provides dedicated teams to supplement paper invoice processing efforts with transcription and automation services.

Persisting with paper invoices does not have to mean delays and inaccurate invoice processing. Assivo can help manage these processes for clients.  We can design an API-centered workforce solution to automate the systematic input and processing of both e-invoices and paper invoices. Our dedicated teams onboard with your existing methods and identify ways to seamlessly integrate while optimizing processing times and improving data quality.

The result? Clients save valuable time and resources without risk of delay and inefficiency managing paper invoices with a dedicated team that ensures entry accuracy and smooth workflows for invoice transcription.

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