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Transcribe Lease Agreements

Competition in the real estate industry is at an all-time high, with the number of real estate businesses growing by the minute. Savvy business owners are always on the hunt for ways to keep ahead of the rival agencies and stay on top of their own accounts. After all, the more involved and in front of customer needs a firm is, the more likely they are to close transactions.

Digitizing processes to store lease agreements and related records electronically is just one way to optimize workflows. But lease agreements vary from one facility or owner to the next and are almost never formatted in the same way. Without that consistency, it becomes harder to rely on technology to transcribe lease agreements accurately.

One option is to have internal teams remain responsible for their own agreements and accounts, transcribing or entering data as it comes in. But this can take agents and their support staff away from critical tasks that can move transactions forward.

Assivo bridges the gap between traditional and disparate lease agreements and transcription to standardized systems with detail-oriented outsourced teams.

Our data entry experts help clients handle lease papers and agreements more conveniently and more expediently. By taking over transcription tasks entirely, we extract all of the valuable details from lease agreements and enter it into the client’s system(s) of choice. This makes it easier for clients to manage all of the properties and customers vital to their real estate business.

The result?

Clients remain hands on with property owners and tenants to move real estate transactions forward while remaining hands off on data entry and lease agreement transcription.

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